A VICTORIAN SILVER CUTLERY SERVICE, settings for twelve, single-struck Queen’s pattern forks and spoons mostly William Crouch & Sons, Glasgow 1851-53 with German silver steel-bladed table & dessert knives: table & dessert forks, table & dessert spoons, teaspoons; with a pair of sauce ladles, sifter spoon, preserve spoon, two salt spoons, mustard spoon, soup ladle, and two silver-plate serving spoons. (92)

12 main knives, 11 dessert knives
12 main and entree forks
12 table, tea and dessert spoons
one pair of sugar tongs
two salt spoons
one mustard spoon
one soup ladle
one sifter spoon
one preserve spoon
and two basting spoons


5000 - 6000

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