Own your own Tiny House on wheels – made from reclaimed materials! The Bower Reuse & Repair Centre offers our latest Tiny House on wheels, built in our Build A Tiny House Program in July this year – supervised by master tradesmen and experienced tiny house builders. It’s a compact, architect designed house – 4.8metres long, 2.3m wide and 4.2metres high. Built on a new 3 tonne trailer, made with a recycled Oregon timber frame, beautifully fitted with salvaged doors and windows and clad in reclaimed timber and corrugated iron. The Tiny House has been built to lock-up stage with all exterior work complete and a loft big enough for a double bed built internally. It’s now completely weather tight and ready for internal fit-out by the lucky new owner. Alternatively, fit out can be arranged with The Bower post sale. This Tiny House on wheels is built to relevant vehicle regulations, is already registered and can be towed away after sale. Owning this Tiny House on Wheels you will feel assured that you have helped divert approximately one tonne of building materials from landfill.


$23000 - 28000

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    Sunday 20th August 2023, Timed Sale end 6pm

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