Information for Sellers

We receive goods for sale on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 7.30am and 3.30pm., by appointment. Please contact us to make an appointment to deliver your goods.

If you cannot deliver goods yourself, we can recommend a range of independent carriers who can assist you for a fee. A list of our carriers is available here.

Please note we can only sell a selected range of items.  We encourage you to email us photographs of your goods before arranging for delivery.

If an item does not sell at auction we will attempt to sell the item again the following week.

We charge a commission of 20% (GST inc) plus a $5.50 handling, photography and cataloguing fee for each lot sold.

Payments are normally made by bank transfer or cheque in the week following the sale.

Please note: We do not accept all items for auction. Please click here for a list of items we do not accept.

Our terms and conditions for selling are available here.